Dizipal Behzat Ç Yeni Sezon

Dizipal Behzat Ç Yeni Sezon

28 Nisan 2023, 10:34:25

Behzat Ç’nin heyecan dolu hikayesi yeni sezonuyla geri dönüyor! Dizipal’de izleyebileceğiniz Behzat Ç Yeni Sezon’un tüm bölümleri şimdi sizi bekliyor. Kaçırmayın!

Dizipal Behzat Ç Yeni Sezon


Dizipal Behzat Ç is a popular Turkish crime television drama series that has captivated audiences for years. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new season and wondering what to expect from their favorite characters.

New Characters and Storylines

The new season of Dizipal Behzat Ç will introduce some exciting new characters and storylines. Fans can look forward to seeing Behzat’s team expand and develop as they take on new challenges and face new dangers. Some of the new faces we can expect to see include:

  • Deniz Muhammet Ali
  • Zeynep Sonal Ata
  • Emre Donat

Deniz Muhammet Ali

Deniz Muhammet Ali is a talented young detective who gets transferred to Behzat’s team. He has a brilliant mind and an awe-inspiring memory, which is sure to come in handy during investigations.

Zeynep Sonal Ata

Zeynep Sonal Ata is a journalist who finds herself embroiled in the team’s latest case. She has a passion for uncovering the truth and isn’t afraid to take risks to get the story she wants.

Emre Donat

Emre Donat is a mysterious figure who enters Behzat’s life when he’s at his lowest point. He has a dark past and a dangerous edge, which makes him an unpredictable ally.

Returning Characters

Of course, fans can’t wait to see their old favorites back in action. Behzat himself will be returning, along with other beloved characters like Harun, Tahir, and Akbaba. Each character will face their own personal struggles and setbacks over the course of the new season, making for a gripping and emotional viewing experience.


The new season of Dizipal Behzat Ç is sure to be an exciting ride for fans. With new characters and storylines, as well as the return of old favorites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So don’t miss out on the action – tune in to see what happens next!


Q: When does the new season of Dizipal Behzat Ç start?
A: The exact premiere date has not been announced yet, but it’s expected to air sometime in the next few months.

Q: Where can I watch Dizipal Behzat Ç?
A: Dizipal Behzat Ç airs on various Turkish television channels, as well as on streaming platforms like Netflix and BluTV.

Q: Do I need to have seen the previous seasons to understand the new season?
A: While it’s always helpful to have context, new viewers should be able to follow along with the new season even if they haven’t seen the older episodes.

Q: Will the new season be available with English subtitles?
A: It’s likely that the new season will be available with English subtitles on streaming platforms like Netflix and BluTV.

Q: Is Dizipal Behzat Ç based on a book?
A: Yes, the show is based on a series of crime novels by Turkish author Emrah Serbes.

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