F1 Monaco GP 2023: Saat kaçta ve nasıl izlenir?

F1 Monaco GP 2023: Saat kaçta ve nasıl izlenir?

25 Mayıs 2023, 21:16:31

Formula 1 returns in the 2023 season with the iconic race of the calendar, the F1 Monaco GP 2023, after a mandatory break due to the recent flood disaster that caused the cancellation of the Imola GP. Although this street circuit is not particularly exciting in terms of overtaking, it is considered one of the races where Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso could emerge victorious, making it a race of special interest.

From Friday to Sunday, a wave of excitement awaits F1 fans from practice laps to sprint qualifying, sprint race, and finally, the main race, which can be followed through various platforms available on the internet. In Turkey, S Sport holds the rights to broadcast F1, which will feature the F1 Monaco GP.

On Friday, the practice starts in the afternoon and evening, followed by sprint qualifying on Saturday, and finally, the main race on Sunday afternoon. If you want to watch the F1 Monaco GP 2023 live, you can tune in to S Sport 2 channel, which will broadcast all the events of the weekend, including the practice laps, qualifying sessions, sprint race, and the main race.

Alternatively, you can use various streaming platforms to watch F1 Monaco GP 2023. S Sport Plus, a content service provided by S Sport via web and mobile applications, offers live coverage of the F1 Monaco GP 2023 events, including the practice laps, qualifying sessions, and the main race. With this application, which works on video-based logic, you can watch the missed sessions later on and choose from an array of subscription options.

Turkcell’s TV+ platform and its various packages, such as Herkes için TV+, Full TV+ Paketi, Evde TV+ Aile Paketi, and Evde TV+ Ekstra Paketi, provide access to the S Sport channel, enabling you to watch the F1 Monaco GP 2023 live. You can download the free iOS or Android TV+ application to your mobile device and use your phone number and password to log in and watch the race.

If you are a Tivibu Go Super Package member, you can access S Sport 2 channel and watch the F1 Monaco GP 2023. The package is available for a monthly fee of 24.90 TL, or 34.90 TL if you want to watch it on a smart TV. You must download the Tivibu Go iOS or Android application to use this service.

Formula 1 management broadcasts live F1 races online through its F1 TV Pro service, which is available through its website and the F1 TV iOS and Android applications. With an annual subscription fee of 64.99 euros, you can watch all the practice laps, qualifying sessions, and races live online. Although the service does not have Turkish commentary, you can turn off the commentary and listen directly to the race’s sound. You can also watch the race from the cockpit camera of your favorite driver and listen to team radio transmissions. There is a free 7-day trial period, and live race times are included in the subscription package.

In conclusion, there are several ways to watch the F1 Monaco GP 2023 live, whether through S Sport 2, S Sport Plus, TV+ platform, Tivibu Go, or F1 TV Pro service. Just tune in and enjoy the race!

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