“Foundation” serüveni temmuz ayında devam ediyor: 2. sezon yolda!

“Foundation” serüveni temmuz ayında devam ediyor: 2. sezon yolda!

11 Mayıs 2023, 22:56:05

Apple TV Plus has a big hit on their hands with the science fiction epic Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov’s novel series. The show is set to return this summer with its highly anticipated second season. The new season will premiere on July 14th and consist of 10 episodes, with new episodes airing every Friday. Fans can get a taste of what’s to come by watching the recently released trailer. The first season of Foundation covered numerous centuries of the story, so fans are eager to see what the next season has in store.

Foundation is a visually stunning show with top-notch special effects and an all-star cast, including Jared Harris, Lee Pace and Lou Llobell. The show is set in a distant future where humans have spread out across the galaxy and formed a vast interstellar empire, called the Galactic Empire. As the story progresses, we learn about psychohistory, a new field of science that can predict the future with mathematical precision. The main character, Hari Seldon, predicts the fall of the empire and creates a plan to preserve and shorten the impending dark ages to only 1000 years. The story unfolds as we watch Seldon’s plan unfold across the centuries, with many twists and turns along the way.

The show has received high praises from both fans and critics alike. The visual effects have been noted for their stunning visuals and attention to detail, bringing to life the vastness of the universe and the technology in the show. The acting performances have also been praised, with Jared Harris delivering a standout performance as the brilliant yet flawed psychohistorian Hari Seldon.

With the release of the trailer for the second season, fans are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The trailer promises more drama, action, and stunning visuals, along with new characters and plot twists. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the story of the Galactic Empire will unfold in the new season.

In conclusion, Foundation is a must-watch for science fiction fans, and the upcoming second season promises to be just as exciting as the first. With its brilliant storytelling, stunning visuals, and amazing cast, Foundation is a show that everyone should watch. Don’t miss out on this epic space adventure!

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