iPad 10. nesil için Amazon’da indirim var

iPad 10. nesil için Amazon’da indirim var

06 Nisan 2023, 11:10:45

Amazon.com.tr seems to be the place to buy Apple’s 2022 iPad model right now, with certain colors and configurations being offered at a discount when compared to Apple’s online store. For example, the 64GB Wi-Fi model is available on Amazon.com.tr for 10.766,57 TL (Turkish Lira) in pink and yellow colors, while the same configuration sells for 11.299 TL on Apple’s online store. Even the 256GB Wi-Fi configuration is offered at a lower price point on Amazon.com.tr, with the pink and silver colors selling for 14.101,64 TL and the yellow model at 14.798,99 TL, compared to 14.799 TL on Apple’s online store. The biggest advantage, however, is shown in the cellular models where the yellow version is being sold for 17.599 TL, while pink and silver models cost 18.199 TL and the blue one at 18.299 TL.

Apple’s 10th generation iPad offers an updated design similar to that of the more expensive iPad Air and iPad Pro models with the removal of the home button and the relocation of Touch ID to the power/sleep button on the top edge. The device also boasts a 10.9-inch screen size, which is larger than its previous model, along with an improved A14 Bionic chip, making it powerful for most iPad-related tasks. Additionally, the front-facing camera has been moved to the center edge for horizontal usage, making video calls look more natural. The first-generation Apple Pencil is also supported for note-taking or drawing with a bizarre charging system.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to purchase the latest iPad model, take advantage of Amazon.com.tr’s current discounts and make a purchase decision based on your preferences in colors and configurations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the latest iPad technology at a lower price point.

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