Steam minimum fiyat sınırı getirdi, Türkiye’yi de etkiliyor

Steam minimum fiyat sınırı getirdi, Türkiye’yi de etkiliyor

17 Ağustos 2023, 02:16:24

Steam, minimum game price limit is set
Steam has made the decision to change the minimum price allowed in some currencies other than the dollar. In line with the Steam exchange rate change made in October, a minimum price limit of $0.99 or 11 TL has been imposed on games. This may affect the sale of games or downloadable content (DLC) with lower pricing in regions like Turkey.

As Dora Özsoy, the founder of Stratera Games, pointed out, the price of a new product to be added to Steam will now be at least 11 TL for Turkey, and the discounted price will be at least 5.50 TL. These rates will be updated along with Steam’s exchange rate recommendations. Currently, Steam’s exchange rate for Turkey is at 10 TL. If this is raised to the current exchange rate of 27 TL, the minimum game prices and discounted prices on Steam will also increase, or the affected games will be removed from the platform.

This change has already been implemented. Even if games with discounted prices below 5.50 TL are listed, these prices do not appear on the purchase page. For example, the regular price of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator is 31.00 TL, but it is sold at a discount of 85% for 4.65 TL. However, it is not possible to make the purchase even if this price information is displayed on the listings. Similarly, Stratera Games’ old games with very low prices have also been disabled for purchase in Turkey.

This situation may create difficulties, especially for low-budget game developers. The introduction of a minimum price limit may result in some games not being able to enter the market or having to increase their prices.

Steam’s new policy is considered a significant change in the gaming industry. This change will have implications for both users and developers, marking the beginning of a new era in game shopping.

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