Tesla Model Y’nin Türkiye fiyatına yeni bir zam uygulandı

Tesla Model Y’nin Türkiye fiyatına yeni bir zam uygulandı

31 Mayıs 2023, 21:07:15

Tesla, which entered the Turkish market with its Model Y vehicle in April, is currently making its first deliveries of the Model Y while also implementing price increases. As a Turkish content writer, I will provide you with more information about Tesla’s price increases and Model Y deliveries in Turkey below.

Tesla Model Y, which was previously priced at 1.631.391 TL for RWD 430 km, now costs 1.732.765 TL due to the recent price increase. The AWD Long Range 533 km option previously cost 1.702.864 TL, but with the implemented price increase, it now costs 1.808.728 TL. Finally, the AWD Performance 514 km option was previously priced at 1.795.523 TL, but after the new price increase, it now costs 1.907.193 TL. This means that the company has applied a price increase ranging from 100,000 TL to 111,000 TL for the three different Model Y options it offers in Turkey.

Despite the price increase, Tesla managed to receive over 10,000 orders for the Model Y vehicle in Turkey since its launch. The deliveries of these orders have already begun, and it is expected that the process will be further accelerated after June. It is worth noting that Tesla has opened its first store in Turkey at Kanyon AVM and later opened another store at Akasya AVM, with plans to open many more stores in different locations across the country.

In conclusion, Tesla’s Model Y vehicle has been in high demand since its launch in Turkey, even despite the recent price increases. As Tesla continues to expand its operations in the country, it is expected that the company will continue to attract more customers who are interested in purchasing electric cars.

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