TikTok Now için yolun sonu geldi

TikTok Now için yolun sonu geldi

27 Haziran 2023, 19:11:23

TikTok Now, which was introduced by TikTok as a competitor to BeReal, seems to be coming to an end. In tweets shared in different languages, it is stated that users are informed about the decision through notifications. The tweets also mention that “the TikTok experience has been updated and TikTok Now has been terminated”. It is currently uncertain when the plug will be completely pulled on the service that started nine months ago.

When TikTok Now was launched in September 2022, its purpose was stated as “to increase natural and spontaneous interactions on TikTok”. However, it was difficult to ignore the fact that the format was largely taken from BeReal, which gained great popularity last year.

TikTok allowed users to share not only photos but also 10-second videos in order to differentiate its feature from BeReal. Now could be accessed via TikTok’s main application in many countries. However, in some regions, an independent application was also offered for Now.

BeReal, the source of inspiration for TikTok Now, is not doing well either

There has been no statement from TikTok regarding the decision. However, BeReal’s decreased popularity seems to have played a role in this decision. A recent article in The New York Times showed that BeReal’s daily active user count decreased by 61% between October 2022 and March 2023. The article stated that the daily user count, which was 15 million, dropped below 6 million in March.

TikTok Now was not the only venture inspired by BeReal’s popularity. Snapchat and Instagram also announced features that require the use of both the rear and front cameras of the phone and sharing within a certain time frame. However, it is necessary to note that none of these features have gained significant momentum.

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