WhatsApp Wear OS uygulaması için testler başladı

WhatsApp Wear OS uygulaması için testler başladı

10 Mayıs 2023, 06:23:25

Meta is one of the developers who took advantage of Wear OS 3’s new feature of opening its doors to more third-party developers. The company has started testing the beta version of the WhatsApp Wear OS app on Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 5, and other watches running on Wear OS 3.

Upon opening the app, users will be presented with a list of recent contacts they have communicated with. In addition, the “Settings” and “Open on phone” options for details and security notifications are also available on the main screen.

When users open a chat on their watch, they can scroll through previous messages. They can respond to incoming messages by recording their voice or typing on the watch’s keyboard. At the end of the chat screen, “Participants in this chat” and “Open on phone” options are available.

One of the features of the WhatsApp Wear OS app is the ability to quickly send voice messages. During the installation process, users need to enter an eight-screen verification code. The app also offers a complication that displays the number of unread messages. The “WhatsApp Contacts” square allows users to find their contacts, while the “WhatsApp Voice Message” square allows them to quickly start recording a voice message.

If you want to join the WhatsApp Wear OS app beta test, click here. It is worth noting that both your phone and watch must have version of WhatsApp installed.

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